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PowerPonit-PPT to Flash-GIF 1.018

Powerpoint-PPT to Flash/GIF Converter to obtain anSWF or GIF file from a PPT
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Powerpoint-PPT to Flash/GIF Converter is a tiny program able to obtain all the frames (and the sound, if any) from a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation (PPT file) and save all of them to SWF or GIF format files.

The SWF output result files include all the control buttons (stop, next, pause, previous) as well as the auto play, custom play and all the normal SWF features that normally come with a native SWF file.

The application can create new tutorials or personal guides and also directly record from the user microphone

When converting to GIF, the final output file contains all the original PPT frames (pictures and text) in a GIF result file format, and can be displayed on any GIF compatible graphics program, as well as being transferred or sent via email as an attached file.

This small program is very useful to convert Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations and to obtain GIF or Flash format files, so they can be easily shared with colleagues through the Internet network, keeping all the frames and sound that came with the original PPT files.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Direct MS PowerPoint-PPT to Flash/GIF files converter


  • Very poor user interface and help file. It needs PPT files to make conversions, and it doesn't work with PPS files
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